Our new B2 press is up and running

8th March 2016

Our new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 press is a B2 5-colour printing and coating press. It gives us greater flexibility as its high throughput rate enables us to print smaller items faster and more efficiently, freeing up capacity in the larger presses.

The new press has an aqueous coating unit, which produces an excellent finish, especially on more intricate jobs. The coating dries instantly and the print is ready to handle as soon as it comes off the press. This reduces turnaround times, increasing productivity.

The installation of a printing press may be more complex than you think. It requires extreme precision and took place over nine days, plus two weeks of commissioning and training. Before the press arrived, we arranged for core samples of the floor to be taken to ensure the press would sit on a solid foundation, and all power requirements and utilities were double-checked.

Heidelberg engineers positioned all of the units in place and used wireless magnetic measuring devices to ensure that they lined up perfectly. Once all the units were put together, the Heidelberg electrician was on site, electrically connecting the units, installing the ink-lines, auxiliary cabinets for high- and low-pressure air, drying units, fount units and the CPC press control console. He also connected the press to a data connection to access remote service and to import job data from prepress.

Next the press was calibrated using built-in spectrophotometers, which constantly measure and automatically alter colour during the print run. All of the installation tests were performed and the press was then set up using our usual consumables to ensure that it prints to the exact same standard as our other presses to ensure print and colour consistency.

The first nine days of the press delivery, mechanical build, electrical build and the first day of commissioning have been distilled into a three-minute time lapse video available here.

You can watch a video of the press in action here.