Colour standards

All of our lithographic presses feature sophisticated densitometer and spectrophotometer technology and instrumentation. This means you can rely on us being able to accurately match and monitor the colour output of your project throughout an entire print run, and from batch to batch.

What’s more, it enables us to meet the most stringent of deadlines without compromising quality, by simultaneously running a number of our presses, knowing that the results will be predictably and consistently excellent.

Heidelberg's Colin Forrester presents the 12647-2 certificate to Reprographics Manager Andrew Bonsey

Heidelberg’s Colin Forrester presents the 12647-2 certificate to Pre-Press Manager Andrew Bonsey

We work to colour measurement standard ISO 12647, measuring sheets for colour accuracy during the print run and recording the values. Your agency or designer can specify the lighting requirements, angle of reflection etc. when supplying your files. If these are not available, we will view your work under standard daylight lighting conditions, the same as we have previously used to produce your work.

Belmont Press ISO:12647 CMS certificate