Print on demand

Print on demand gives you the opportunity to test new market opportunities, create a niche product and develop a profit-only income stream with no risk. As we print your products on demand, you don’t have to hold any stock and there’s no minimum order size.

For example, we’ve developed a system for A to Z to print large format city street maps. Online orders come straight through to us, we print each map as required and despatch it. We worked in partnership with the client to streamline their data, then helped them to develop a new product and income stream.

Following our collaboration with The Open University, students can now order and pay for copies of their course notes online. We print and despatch them, protecting students from the high cost of home printing.


Each system is tailor-made to meet your needs, seamlessly integrating your system with ours for a streamlined service. It can be fully-automated, semi-automated or have a user-driven interface, whatever suits you best.